Fake Kickstarter Pledge Ruins Indie Project

Fake Kickstarter Pledge Ruins Indie Project

Indie developer 2Awesome Studio has been left devastated after a troll ruined its kickstarter.

The people behind the Dutch development studio were celebrating after they received a mystery pledge of €7000 from somebody called Jonathan. This was just hours before the Kickstarter campaign was going to end for comic book-style shoot-em-up Dimension Drive.

After this mystery pledge it only took another €200 for Dimension Drive to be successfully funded. The last of the money was donated and the party began, live on Twitch. The video can be viewed here.

However, celebrations quickly turned to devastation once Kickstarter informed 2Awesome Studio late last night that the €7000 was fraudulent, meaning that Dimension Drive quickly changed from an underdog success story to a dramatic failure.

The developers were justifiably left devastated after this news.

The user who faked their donation has had their account banned, but the damage had already been done. Dimension Drive has failed to reach its goal, with €23,481 pledged of its €30,000 goal from 490 backers.

Due to the unfair treatment of 2Awesome Studio, some have called out for Dimension Drive to be given an extension by Kickstarter – with some high profile developers promising aid if it’s granted.

2Awesome Studio has received a great deal of support on social media, and ended the night with a more positive tweet.

It’s unclear why someone would do this, but here’s hoping things turn out well for 2Awesome Studio.

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