The Talos Principle Rated For Xbox One By ESRB

The Talos Principle screenshot

The Talos Principle is has been rated for Xbox One by US ratings board the ESRB.

But before Xbox One owners get all excited, publisher Devolver Digital has stated it has “no specific plans” to port the game to Microsoft’s console, saying instead that they submitted the game for rating on Xbox One at the same time as the PS4 version just in case it changed its mind.

Developed by Serious Sam makers Croteam, in The Talos Principle you play as a robot attempting to piece together the mystery surrounding your existence and your creators. The game was first released on PC last year. An expansion, Road to Gehenna, came out earlier this month, and a PS4 version of the game – along with its expansion – will arrive on PSN in October.

The Talos Principle received critical acclaim upon its release, drawing praise for its deft writing and devious puzzle design. Take a look at the upcoming PS4 version in the official trailer below.

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