Limbo lands on Xbox One for early adopters.


Microsoft, seemingly out of nowhere, has released the platformer puzzler hit Limbo on Xbox One.

Hhowever, as far as we can tell, it appears to only be available to early adopters of the console. Various Xbox One owners received a message over the weekend that contained a free code for Limbo from Microsoft as a part of their anniversary celebrations.

The strange, albeit appreciated gift hasn’t been spoken about on any of Microsoft’s official channels or social media – and it isn’t clear how many copies were sent out, or what the official requirements to receive one were. One thing to note though is that there seems to be a correlation between people with a Xbox One Day One achievement (unlocked by purchasing a Day One branded version of the Xbox One) and those who received a free copy of Limbo.

We don’t have the official details right now, but as soon as we know what’s going on we’ll let you know, keep your eyes peeled to our homepage to find out.

Limbo was released on the Xbox 360 back in 2010 and received a large amount of critical acclaim. Its success sparked the subsequent release of Limbo on other platforms, where it also did well. The spiritual succesor, Inside – due out next year – will launch on Xbox first.

Oliver Zimmerman

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