Bioshock creator’s next game is a sci-fi game about narrative choice

Bioscock creator discusses his next game

Ken Levine is a busy man.

The creator behind classics such as System Shock 2, Bioshock and the writer of underrated cult PC strategy classic Freedom Force and the 3rd Reich spent five long years creating Bioshock Infinite – which involved no small amount of delays, internal disputes and last-minute design changes – took a break in 2014. Levine later announced that he and a number of his compatriots were departing Irrational and setting up their own studio, focused primarily on smaller, more innovative projects without the pressure of being weighed down by big budgets and great expectations from publishers.

But far from taking a well-earned vacation, Levine instead appears to have been hard at work on his next project – at least, according to his Twitter feed.

The industry legend was particularly prolific on the social media network this week (even by his standards), discussing a vast number of thoughts, concepts, ideas and more that hint at what we might hope to expect from his next game.

Here’s some of the most interesting things he had to say:

Other than that, we learned that his favorite Marvel Comics characters are Spider-Man, Jessica Jones and Scarlet Witch, that his new game won’t be in the same style as Telltale’s The Walking Dead or A Wolf Among Us, and that he and his team are currently working on nailing down the gameplay systems and narrative.

In other words, it’s all early days yet and it’s unlikely that we’ll see anything soon. But given Levine’s pedigree and status within the industry, you can expect whatever he ends up releasing to generate a lot of headlines. He’s apparently due to speak on a couple of panels this year at PAX East, which is being held in Boston through March 6th-8th. Maybe we’ll learn something more concrete then.

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