Shadow Jago Will Finally Become A Proper Character In Killer Instinct


The Xbox One exclusive, Killer Instinct, is finally getting Shadow Jago (The evil version of Jago) as a playable character.

Originally, Shadow Jago was only given to players who either bought a Day One 12-month Xbox Live membership card or the limited and time restricted Shadow Jago pack and even then he was simply a re-skinned Jago who made use of the exact same abilities and moveset.

Now Shadow Jago will be released with his own unique moves and balanced for use in competitive play. All of this was achieved after the community donated $100,000 through crowdfunding meant to boost the size of prize money pots at fighting game tournaments. Iron Galaxy, the developers behind Killer Instinct, promised the new fleshed-out Shadow Jago as a reward if the $100,000 was reached.

After just 3 days, the money was raised and Iron Galaxy have kept their word and promise that Shadow Jago will be released before the end of 2015.

$50,000 of the money made from the crowdfunding will go towards the prize pool for Killer Instinct at the upcoming Evo Tournament in July with more yet-to-be-announced tournaments set to be supported over the next couple of weeks.

Earlier this month Iron Galaxy announced that Cinder, a character from the original Killer Instinct, would be coming to the Xbox One re-release. You can read about that here.

Dale reviewed Killer Instinct upon its original release back in 2013, and awarded it 8/10. “While it suffers from a lack of single-player options, gameplay is fast and fluid, it strikes a good balance between easy to learn while still being difficult to master,” Dale wrote in his Killer Instinct review. “It’s attractive, pleasing to the ear with a level of polish far above what many would have expected from the developer’s previous output, and something we would highly recommend.”

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