Killer Instinct’s new fighter is straight out of a Japanese horror flick

New character announced for Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct developer Iron Galaxy (Double Helix has since moved on to other things) has revealed the latest new character to be added to the roster in Season 2 of the popular Xbox One fighting game.

Hisako’s design is heavily influenced by Japanese horror. With cold, dead eyes and lank black hair, her slow movement hides some utterly brutal fighting capabilities. Unique to Hisako is her Wrath meter, which charges at a quick rate whenever she isn’t attacking. At full charge, any move performed by Hisako is a Counter. At half-full, she can cancel out of any move and follow up with a counter. You can see a developer walkthrough of her in action below.

Hisako’s reveal came during a panel at PAX East, during which Iron Galaxy detailed some of the other new features coming to Killer Instinct over the coming months.

Aside from the long-awaited story mode (finally!), a new feature called Shadows is being added to the game. Similar in concept to Forza‘s Drivatars, a player’s fighting style for each character will be used to form the basis for an AI version of them, which other players will then be able to fight against. As well as mimicking a player’s actual fighting style, your Shadow will even record how often you taunt opponents. No mention was made of whether the new feature will make use of the Xbox One Cloud. “If you can’t find the person you want to play at the skill level that you want, that makes the multiplayer experience a little tougher to engage with,” said Iron Galaxy’s Kraig Kujawa.

Hisako will be added to Killer Instinct‘s playable roster at the end of this month, while the Story Mode will follow sometime in June.

Yours truly reviewed Killer Instinct on Xbox One shortly after its launch alongside Microsoft’s latest console in November 2013.

“While it suffers from a lack of single-player options, gameplay is fast and fluid, it strikes a good balance between easy to learn while still being difficult to master, and each fighter is unique, requiring vastly different strategies,” I said in my Killer Instinct Review. “It’s just a shame that a lack of content and some questionable pricing models hold it back from being an essential purchase.”

I ended up awarding the game a score of 7/10, though with the fighters being added in Season 2, the new Story mode, and everything else, you can expect a re-review sometime towards the end of June.

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