Cinder Heads Back To Killer Instinct

Cinder added to Killer Instinct this week

Xbox One fighting exclusive Killer Instinct is getting a new character this week – He’s called Cinder and he’s… on fire.

Cinder was actually a character on the original Killer Instinct developed by Rare back in 1994, so he’s not exactly a new character, but he’s still a welcome addition to the game. You can see him in action in the video below in which he showcases his unique fighting style.

The question you may be burning to ask (See what I did there?) is when will you be able to play as Cinder? The new fighter will be added to owners of the Ultra Edition of Killer Instinct on the 30th of April whereas owners of the Combo Breaker edition will need to wait a tiny bit longer with Cinder being made available on 6th of May. A trailer for Cinder, which you can watch below, also features another character that will be joining the Killer Instinct roster: Aria, the leader of Ultratech.

Dale reviewed Killer Instinct back when it was released and gave it an above average 7/10, saying that “All in all, Killer Instinct is a great game. While it suffers from a lack of single-player options, gameplay is fast and fluid, it strikes a good balance between easy to learn while still being difficult to master, and each fighter is unique, requiring vastly different strategies.”

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