World of Warcraft Opens Up Tanaan Jungle

World of Warcraft update 6.2 opens up Tanaan Jungle and adds new raid

Patch 6.2 for World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor is now available for testing ahead of being released onto the live realms.

There are many changes planned for the upcoming patch, all of which can be found in the patch notes. The headline feature is opening the gates to the Tanaan Jungle zone, which has been present on the map since the launch of Warlords of Draenor, but until now has remained inaccessible to players.

Access to Tanaan Jungle can be gained through the construction of the new shipyard in your Garrison, provided that you’ve managed to get it up to level 3. The new zone will open up additional daily quests to acquire more shipyard resources, as well as more open-world questing to find rare creatures and hidden treasures scattered all throughout the zone.

Tanaan Jungle also brings with it a new raid: Hellfire Citadel, redesigned for endgame players since its first appearance all the way back in The Burning Crusade. The citadel itself is the fortress of the Iron Horde, which has been overthrown by fel energies unleashed by Gul’dan. Players must assault the the citadel in order to stop the invasion of Azeroth. The raid sits at the heart of the Tanaan Jungle and will include thirteen different bosses, ranging from Kilrogg Deadeye, powerful orc warrior and chieftain of the Bleeding Hollow clan, a reanimated Mannoroth, and Archimonde himself, the left-hand of fallen titan Sargeras.

As well as granting access to the new zone, your new shipyard will also give access to additional content, with the opportunity for you to build ships and send them off onto naval missions. Not much is known about these missions right now, but Blizzard have stated that more information will be added to the patch notes as it becomes available.

A new raid difficulty is set to added – Mythic difficulty. Mythic is tailored towards players that enjoy taking on raids in smaller groups, and is said to be designed to “provide an alternate progression path.” Mythic dungeons will be set on a weekly lockout, and drop loot of level 680, with a chance for final bosses to drop loot that is level 700, but it’s being added solely to Warlords of Draenor raids, so you can’t go back and take on a super-powerful Arthas or Deathwing.

The adventure guide is another a new feature being added, an evolution of the pre-existing dungeon journal. The adventure guide is set to provide new information on things to do or see for the character. A new questline which has you search and finish the legendary ring is also set to be added.

Apart from that there are the usual changes to class balance, and this time it looks like it’s Warlocks’ turn to be hit with a nerf.

Dale, our resident World of Warcraft expert, reviewed Warlord of Draenor at the beginning of this year and once again fell in love with the classic MMORPG.

World of Warcraft’s fifth expansion is a triumph – giving a decade-old game a new lease of life,” Dale wrote in his Warlords of Draenor review. “Blizzard still has what it takes to dazzle players with drastic shake-ups to established mechanics. That a game still feels relevant ten years after launch in such a fast-moving industry is nothing short of extraordinary; but then Blizzard has always has had a knack for defying the odds.”

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