Trion Worlds Announces “MMO-ARPG” Devilian

Trion Worlds announces Devilian

Trion Worlds, the company behind MMOs like Rift, Defiance and Archeage, has announced its next game: Devilian, currently in development by Bluehole Ginno Games

Described as an MMO-ARPG, Devilian is said to combine “the frantic nature of an action RPG with all the depth and social aspects of an MMO.”

The game looks to be firmly in Dark Fantasy territory, with players taking the role of half-devils attempting to save the world of Aelkeina from a fallen god. Four classes have been announced so far. Cannoneers wield heavy weapons; Evokers cast destructive spells; Berserkers wield melee weapons; and Shadowhunters wield bladed chains. Each class is able to unleash their inner devil and transform into demonic form possessing infernal powers. Each character is said to have “advanced” skill paths.

Gameplay appears to take place from a traditional 3-quarter perspective similarly to Diablo 3, though the announcement states that traditional MMO features like crafting, questing, trading, mounts, pets, guilds, alliances, wars and (deep breath) dungeons will all feature. The game world is said to be “massive and persistent”.

In addition to PvE, Devilian will apparently feature 20 vs 20 and 3 vs 3 PvP battles, and players will be able to join multi-guild alliances.

Interested players can sign up to join the Beta over on the game’s official website.

An announcement trailer and an initial batch of screenshots have been released, which you can view below.

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