World of Warcraft Movie Pushed Back Three Months


The upcoming World of Warcraft movie has been pushed back an extra three months and is now expected to debut June 10th, 2016, it’s been confirmed.

The announcement came following a news item from Variety and a tweet from the films director Duncan Jones:

Whilst shooting for the film has already been completed, the move comes as part of a major reshuffle from Universal Pictures after the studio recently confirmed the push back for both the reboot of The Mummy and Pacific Rim 2. Since the panel discussion at Blizzcon 2014, it’s been confirmed that World of Warcraft will be combining a mix of both live action and CGI technology. Vikings actor Travis Fimmel has been confirmed for the role of Anduin Lothar, along with Pacific Rim actor Robert Kazinsky as Orc leader Orgrim Doomhammer.

In more Warcraft related news, Hearthstone recently just came out for iPhone and Android devices this month. Dale reviewed Hearthstone on PC and iPad upon the game’s original launch last year, awarding it a perfect score of 10/10 score.

“Hearthstone may see Blizzard aiming at a more casual market, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth your time,” Dale wrote in his Hearthstone review.

Blizzard recently started public testing for the latest content drop for WoW expansion Warlords of Draenor. The patch opens up the gates to the Tanaan Jungle, which has been blocked off since the expansion’s release last November. Tanaan Jungle brings a new raid to the game, as well as adding ship building to the long-running MMO’s Garrison feature, as well as the usual changes to class balancing and various gameplay tweaks.


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