WoW Tokens Available In Europe From Today


WoW Tokens will be going live in Europe as of 5pm CEST today, Blizzard has confirmed.

The tokens will be available to players from the in-game shop and will set you back £15 / €20, with bids for them in the Auction house ranging from 35K gold and up – This works out roughly the same as the American equivalent which went up for $20 or 30,000 gold at launch, though prices have since come down.

If you’re not sure what WoW Tokens actually do, fear not! We’re here to fill you in. WoW Tokens act as an additional way of gaining more game time. Each Token grants players 30 days of game access and can be purchased with real world currency and then auction them off for in-game currency. The token system gives players a way to gain more game-time without spending money – provided you’re dedicated enough. On the other side of the coin, for those with a little less free time and a little more money, players can buy these tokens with real money and pawn them off for gold without going through shady third-party dealers.

The WoW Tokens’ gold value will fluctuate based on player demand, as it did with the American release – the token’s value dropped by close to a third in just the first day – and there will be a limit of 10 Tokens per player over a 30-day period from the shop when buying with real cash. This limit will be less restrictive if you purchase with gold from the Auction house.

Finally, the WoW Tokens will be region-specific and there will most likely be a bit of a delay between when Tokens go on sale and how long before managing to complete a sale on the in-game auction house.

If you’re still unsure take a look at the video below.

Dale reviewed World of Warcraft‘s latest expansion, Warlords of Draenor, back last November. He was rather pleased with what we found, enjoying the new gameplay features and storyline, and gave it an “excellent” 9/10 score.

World of Warcraft’s fifth expansion is a triumph – giving a decade-old game a new lease of life, proving that Blizzard still has what it takes to dazzle players with drastic shake-ups to established mechanics,” Dale wrote in his World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor review.

“That a game still feels relevant ten years after launch in such a fast-moving industry is nothing short of extraordinary; but then Blizzard has always has had a knack for defying the odds.”

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