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One of the unsung joys of gaming is that despite how high concept and artistic they can be, they’re still also relatively accessible. Anyone can sit behind a keyboard or controller, spend some time coming to grips with the controls, and settle in to experience a wide range of narratives, aesthetics, and soundtracks. Paired with deep-reaching discounts every week, anyone with an interest in delving into gaming can do so with little time and money investment, and that’s pretty cool.

So if you’re finding yourself with nothing to do and a bit of spare cash jingling in your pockets over this Easter Weekend, here’s some great bargains for you to spend that money on and tide you over until next week.

Indie Gala

Indie Gala’s bundles this week are typical Monday and Friday bundles, and the familiar Big Time and Spring Rush bundles.

Monday bundle ($2.49 for 7 games.)

Friday bundle ($2.99 for 12 games.) which includes the beautiful co-op ibb&obb.

Big Time bundle ($4.89 for 8 games.), among which include primarily racing and strategy games.

Spring Rush bundle ($4.89 for 9 games.) that has a handful of solid indie titles in addition to the popular Surgeon Simulator 2013.

Indie Gala’s bundles are usually a solid way to go, they offer a decent mix of popular and unknown indie titles, have a decent quantity so any given bundle will probably manage to slip over something buyers can like even if the list is comprised largely of unknowns. For my money, $2.99 is a good deal for ibb&obb by itself, much less in addition to 11 other games.

Bundle Stars

Bundle Stars‘ loadout this week is pretty overflowing, with 12 bundles open at the moment.

Vortex bundle ($2.99 for 10 games.)

All Stars bundle ($2.99 for 8 games.)

Lords of the Fallen bundle ($29.99 for the game and DLC.)

Born 2 Race bundle ($2.49 for 7 games.)

Worms bundle ($2.99 for 6 games.)

Zen bundle ($2.49 for 10 games.)

F.E.A.R. bundle ($7.99 for 3 games and DLC.)

Reboot 4.0 bundle ($2.99 for 6 games.)

Reboot 2.0 bundle ($2.99 for 6 games.)

Hacker (Reloaded) bundle ($2.99 for 13 games.)

RPG Champions bundle ($4.99 for 6 games.)

Reboot 7.0 bundle ($2.99 for 6 games and DLC.)

Reboot 3.0 bundle ($2.99 for 6 games.)

Blaze of Glory bundle ($3.49 for 6 games.)

Bundle Stars tends to lean a littler heavier on familiar and popular indie games, though their selection of games is quite good for basement prices and selection. Given the titles on display in the All Stars bundle, $2.99 is incredibly low. I’ve spoken about the F.E.A.R. bundle before as well, and the Zen bundle has super interesting mix of more art-centered games if high-concept titles.

Humble Bundle

This week’s Humble Bundle looks like it’s a return to the early days of the bundles with the Humble Indie Bundle 14, with an average of $5.94 at time of writing.

Pixel Piracy


Super Splatters

Outlast (Above the average)

Torchlight II (Above the average)

La-Mulana (Above the average)

Shadow Warrior Special Edition ($10 or higher)

Their weekly bundle this week is the ARGGGHHH!! (These games are hard) bundle, at an average of $3.17 at time of writing.

Cook, Serve, Delicious

QP Shooting – Dangerous!!


Woah Dave! (Above the average)

Tales of Maj’Eyal (Above the average)

Wings of Vi ($8 or higher)

Humble Bundle’s showing are always high-quality, and this week’s showings are no exception. Nearly every title in the Indie Bundle 14 is fantastic, including my particular favorite, Torchlight II. The weekly bundle is a stranger mixer of titles, largely unknowns, but likely no less excellent. The reason the Humble Bundle has taken off has been their consistent quality in game selection, and this week certainly proves that.


Following the announcement of a Russian language gog.com and new Russian localizations, gog.com is hosting a From Russia with Love sale, including a number of titles of Russian origin. Although it’s not as amazing as the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. bundle from previous weeks, this is another great opportunity to pick up the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. titles, or Call of Pripyat at minimum.


This weekend, three of Steam’s deals are The Talos Principle for $19.99, the incredibly interesting shark-based FPS Depth for $12.49, and a LEGO series sale for between 66%-75% off.

Xbox Live

Microsoft has a number of sales this week, with an Spotlight on EA Games this week for Xbox 360 and Xbox One, a DLC sale for Project SPARK, and a new list for their Deals with Gold sales.

Nintendo Network

 In addition to the cross-buy offer for Mario vs Donkey Kong Tipping Stars over the past several weeks, there are a number of random games on sale. The full list can be found on Nintendo’s Offers page.

PlayStation Store

We’re now onto Week 5 of the Spring Fever sale on PSN. This week’s franchise is the Batman: Arkham Franchise, which also includes Mortal Kombat vs DC, Injustice: Gods Among Us, and LEGO Batman 2: DC Superheroes.

That’s it for this week. If you have any additions, subtractions, or multi-variable substitutions, feel free to let us know in the comments.

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