Weekly Game Deals: March 11th, 2015

Gaming bargains - 12th March, 2015

When looking at a cost-to-entertainment ratio, games are oddly inexpensive already. Tetris and games like it have a very low cost of entry, and can be played for hundreds upon hundreds of hours. Even games with heavy costs on entry, like Call of Duty for example, still manage to come in at under a dollar per hour of entertainment. With that in mind, the fact that there are a non-stop wall of sales at all times, it can be harder to believe that one can afford not to buy games.

But it’s mentalities like those that cause ballooning game lists, so perhaps we’re all victims of our game deals. So, with fiscal havoc in mind, offerings for your budgetary concerns this week:

Humble Bundle

This week has a very interesting Weekly Bundle, the Monochromatic Bundle. Featuring up to seven mostly-colorless games, with the seventh unlocking at $10, this bundle is full of the disquieting, discomforting, and the discolored.

In addition to one of the bundles, the Humble store has regular weekly sales, and a currently on-going Assassin’s Creed sale for the new few days.

Indie Gala

Indie Gala has the same Neon Dragon bundle as it appeared last week, now at a cost of $6.19 or more.

Joining it this week is are the Battle for Glory Bundle for $4.89, the Big Time Bundle also for $4.89, a new Monday bundle for $3.49, and the same Friday bundle for $3.49.

Bundle Stars

Bundle Stars this week shows up with many repeats, 8 in all, but has two new bundles. The first is the Crimson Bundle, which includes several very interesting titles for $2.99. Antisquad and Blue Flamingo seem to stand out. The second is the Killer Bundle 2 for $4.99, including the gorgeous Boid.


GOG’s staff pick this week is a steep discount on the Boyd series, up to 78% off for the whole bundle.


Steam’s midweek madness specials this week are Early Access for Carmageddon: Reincarnation for 50% off at $15.99, and Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions at 34% off at $9.89.

PlayStation Store

It’s Week 2 for the Spring Fever sale, and this week brings the Saints Row sale. At $8.80 for the full Saints Row 3 and $13.20 for the National Treasure Saints Row IV, it’s not a bad time to buy. As always, the full list of deals is also available.

Nintendo Network

Like last week, Nintendo is offering cross-buy for Mario vs Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars for a limited time. Offer page can be found here.

Xbox Marketplace

This week, in addition to their usual spotlights, Microsoft is offering sales on Microsoft Studios published games. The Microsoft Studios sale includes indie gems Spelunky ($5.99) and Fez ($5.99), in addition to larger titles like Forza Horizon ($11.99) and Fable Anniversary ($23.99).

They’re also offering a wide range of titles in their Deals With Gold offers, found here. Their Games With Gold offerings this week are Tomb Raider (360), Rayman Legends and It Draws a Red Box (X1).

That’s all for this week. If you have any questions, recommendations, comments, concerns, or appeals to make us stop clawing at your wallet, let us know in the comments.

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