Weekly Game Deals: March 6th, 2015

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One of the most interesting things of bundles and sales is that they will highlight games and developers that can otherwise go unnoticed. The opportunity for something interesting, abstract, and unknown to become featured to a wide audience is always really exciting, not just for the developers, but also for the fans who can be exposed to something that may join the ranks of their favorite games and series.

Indie Game Stand

Starting the ranks this week is Indie Game Stand’s Pay-What-You-Want offering, which is Attack of the Labyrinth, a co-op action dungeon crawler.

Bundle Stars

Several bundles from last week are returning at Bundle Stars, who are offering a total of 10 different bundles. The F.E.A.R. bundle makes a reappearance this week, still at $7.99. Following this past week’s news of multiple engines being made available for free, the Axis Game Factory Bundle is on the pulse of the industry at $9.99.

Also like last month, the Bundle Stars store is offering a variety of games on sale, with a few stand-outs depending on taste. Star Wolves for $1.25 and the King’s Bounty: Collection Pack for $8.75.

Indie Royale

Indie Royale returns with no new showings this week. As last week, they have the KISS Bundle and Debut 24 bundles available for $3.03 and $2.01 respectively. Although they both seemed to have picked up a new game or two since last week.

Humble Bundle

Following the trend of showings from last week, Humble Bundle’s only offering this week is the weekly bundle, Made in Japan, currently at an average of $5.14.

Indie Gala

Indie Gala proves to have a strong showing, offering up a solid list of games in the Dragon bundle, including BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger and Double Dragon: Neon for $4.99 and higher. In addition to the featured Dragon bundle, there are also Friday and Monday bundles. The Friday bundle a variety of games, with Syberia I, II, and Still Life for $4.19 or more. The Monday bundle likewise has a strong showing, including King Aurthur’s Gold for $2.99.

Nintendo Network

Nintendo’s showings this week are slightly pre-emptive, as their special offer starts tomorrow on March 5th, offering players who buy the WiiU version of Mario vs Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars the 3DS version for free, and vice versa. More information can be found on their Offers page, in addition to their usual assortment of reduced price games.

Playstation Network

The Playstation Store is kicking of a Spring Fever sale this week, with a range of deals that will change every week. For Week 1, LEGO games are on discount, some up to 50% off.

Xbox Marketplace

The Xbox Marketplace’s showing this week is offering a few highlights for Gold members, including 50% off Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams ($14.99) and Amazing Spider-Man 2 ($59.99) and 33% off Assassin’s Creed: Unity ($59.99).

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