Weekly Game Deals: March 25, 2015

Weekly Game Deals: March 25, 2015

There is something magical in savings. The word “save” has an innate sense of warmth, comfort, and meaning. Doubly so in games, where “save” means a great deal for data preservation, but also is analogous with progress and a nebulous sense of safety. A game saved is a game that is distinctly less at-risk. So, looking across a sea of savings, it can be hard not to also equate that with all the right warm fuzzies.

Anyway, philosophical meanderings aside, here’s the best gaming deals currently about:


This week’s Staff Picks from gog.com include a number of roguelikes, found here.

  • Neo Scavenger ($9.99)
  • Tales of Maj’eyal ($1.74)
  • Tales of Maj-eyal: Ashes of Urh’rok ($0.99)
  • Ascendant ($2.99)
  • Tower of Guns ($3.74)
  • Rogue Legacy ($4.99)

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle also offers Roguelikes in their Weekly Bundle, though for a very limited amount of time remaining. At time of writing, 19 hours remain with an average of $4.94.

  • Vertical Drop Heroes HD
  • A Wizard’s Lizard
  • The Nightmare Cooperative
  • Road Not Taken (Above the average)
  • Delver – early access (Above the average)
  • Heavy Bullets ($8 or higher)

The Humble PC & Android Bundle 12 is also available. At time of writing, 5 days and 19 hours remain, at an average of $5.29.

  • Tetrobot and Co.
  • Titan Attacks!
  • The Inner World
  • Costume Quest (Above the average)
  • Ironclad Tactics – deluxe edition (Above the average)
  • Eufloria HD (Above the average)
  • Solar Flux (Above the average)
  • Toast Time (Above the average)
  • Shadowrun Returns (Above $10)


Steam’s Midweek Madness deals are lackluster compared to last week’s, although both interesting games.

Indie Royale

Indie Royale’s current showings include three bundles.

Indie Gala

Indie Gala is returning with three familiar bundles: Big Time, Hump Day, and Friday bundles, and two new bundles.

Bundle Stars

Bundle Stars showing with 10 bundles this week, including two that were not featured last week: Zen and All Stars bundles.

Nintendo eShop

Nintendo’s on-going Mario vs Donkey Kong Tipping Stars cross-buy deal remains this week, in addition to a number of sales, including a sale on various Phoenix Wright titles. Full offers can be found, as always, on their Offers page.

Playstation Store

Playstation’s ongoing Spring Fever sale is on Week 4, with a special highlight on the God of War series.

Xbox Marketplace

Xbox’s showing this week include a number of Spotlights, including Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Xbox One), South Park-based Pinball FX2 tables (Xbox One), and multiple 2K Games titles (Xbox 360). Included in 2K’s titles are XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Enemy Within for $9.99 each.

That’s all for this week. As always, let us know in the comments if you found anything amiss, felt we missed a worthy deal, or just to tell us that we’re excellent.

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