Broken Age Act Two release date set for April


Double Fine, the company behind such games as Psychonauts and Costume Quest, are set to release the concluding half of adventure game Broken Age on April 29th.

After a highly successful Kickstarter – which saw Double Fine receive nearly ten times their goal three years ago – the initial project expanded in size greatly, causing the need for the game to be split into two acts. Tim Schafer, founder and CEO, claimed that it was due to the game expanding so much that they surpassed their budget, and the money made from the first act would be used to fund the development of the second. It’s not surprising that it happened; the company did garner some big stars to provide voices for characters, from Jack Black to Elijah Wood to Wil Wheaton.

Upon the release of the second act, buyers will no longer have the option to purchase the two acts separately, only the game in its entirety, as it was meant to be initially (although if players have already purchased the first act, the second will be free). On the same day, a complete edition of the game containing both acts will be released for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

Broken Age is like a child’s picture book come to life” David Ochart wrote in his review for Continue Play last year. “Every scene, every character, every little blade of grass is painted and animated beautifully. Double Fine’s lead artist Nathan Stapley brings his recognizable art style to life in a whole new way, replacing polygonal 3D models with painterly 2-dimensional sprites. The world looks anything but flat though, and has layer upon layer of visually enticing and detailed scenery.” You can read that review here.

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