Geometry Wars 3 due to evolve in new update

Geometry Wars 3 due to involve in new update

Activision subsidiary Sierra and developer Lucid Games has announced that Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions will be receiving a substantial free update at the end of the month.

The Evolved update is due to add 40 new stages to Adventure Mode, new boss battles, grid shapes and gameplay types. Additionally, the update will change up level gating making the level progression more intuitive and user-friendly (finally!), while a new Hardcore Mode adds 20 dedicated playable levels that are just the bare-bones basics, along with dedicated Hardcore leaderboards to show your friends who’s top dog.

The new stages take the total amount to over 100, which isn’t bad at all, considering the game is “merely” a downloadable game on PSN, Steam and Xbox Live.

Evolved is a free update for Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions owners. PlayStation and PC users can expect to see it drop on March 31st on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Steam. It launches on April 1st for Xbox One and Xbox 360 users. Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions becomes Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved once the update comes out, and all that content is likely to keep addicted players occupied for a good while.

Sierra has also released a new trailer showcasing the update, which you can view below.

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