R-Type Dimensions coming to PS3

Publisher Tozai games has announced that it will be bringing R-Type Dimensions to the PlayStation 3 on May 20.

Originally released in 2008 on Xbox 360, R-Type Dimensions is a modern update to the first two games in Irem’s classic side-scrolling shmup. It features updated visuals, the ability to switch between classic and modern graphics, as well as additional options such as co-op play, players statistics and leaderboards. Notably, Tozai has stated that the PS3 version of the game will feature additional graphics options and revamped music not present in the initial Xbox 360 release.

R-Type dimensions will set you back $9.99 on PlayStation Network.

Alongside the announcement, Tozai has releaed a trailer to give you a taste of what to expect when it’s released.

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