Total War: Atilla Modding Tools Now Available

New modding tools released for Total War: Atilla

Steam Workshop support and official mod tools are now available for Total War: Attila. The new assembly kit, which is still in Beta, can be downloaded via the Tools menu in Attila owners’ Steam Library. Modders of Shogun II and Rome II will find the kit rather familiar, but Atilla‘s developer, Creative Assembly, says it’s the most comprehensive suite of modding tools they’ve ever released.

The main package centers around 4 tools: DaVE, for editing around the game’s database; BOB enables processing of raw data like textures; TeD allows for the creation of individual battlefields for land, sea and sieges; and Terry enables editing of campaign map visuals. Contrary to old Assembly Kits, Terry now allows access to Terrain Raw Data, so modders can choose which battle maps to load for campaign maps. There’s also a Terrain Raw data resource pack is also available, including 60GBs of in-game production data that users can toy with as they please.

Any questions or concerns about the mods can be addressed to the community in the Total War wiki right here.

Jay Adams reviewed Total War: Attila for Continue Play, awarding it an 8/10 and finding it to be an improvement on the previous game in the series, Total War: Rome 2.

“15 years on, Total War: Atilla sees Creative Assembly showing that they’re still able to deliver a solid game,” he wrote in his Total War: Atilla review. “Strategy fans will find much to love – assuming they have the patience to put up with the long waiting times between turns.”

Take a look at the Total War: Atilla Assembly Kit Trailer below, and see the potential of its tools for yourself.

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