Amplitude HD remake delayed until summer, Harmonix announces

Amplitude HD release delayed

Harmonix, perhaps best known as the development brain behind Guitar Hero, Rock Band and Dance Central, has announced that the upcoming HD remake of the wildly popular Amplitude isn’t going to be ready for release until the summer.

Last May, Harmonix narrowly met its Kickstarter goal to launch the remake in the first place. But it reached its target, and now Amplitude – which originally appeared on PlayStation 2 as the sequel to Frequency – is due to appear on PS4. Initially, Amplitude HD was slated for release this coming March, but on their Kickstarter page, the development team has released this update:

“This is our first time working on PlayStation 4, and it’s been a big learning experience for the team. We’ve put a lot of work into our proprietary engine to support some of the new, awesome content we’re bringing to the reboot.”

With the recent flood of games by big name developers being released with massive bugs abound (Ubisoft, we’re looking at you), it’s nice to see Harmonix taking the approach that it’s better to push back a product release until it feels 100% done and all the bugs have been squashed, rather than rush it out before it’s ready.

In their Kickstarter update, Harmonix went on to say:

“With Amplitude and our promise of open development, you’ve given us the opportunity to create the game we want to make and, more importantly, make the game that you want. In order to meet that goal, we don’t want to cut any corners, and we want to stay true to our vision and deliver the best Amplitude experience possible.”

Hopefully, Harmonix won’t see too many setbacks as development progresses – both Amplitude and its predecessor, Frequency, were bona fide classics in the early years of Sony’s PS2. We’re eager to see a return to classic rhythm-based gaming, without all the overpriced plastic tat associated with the developer’s time under publisher Activision.

 Don’t know why Amplitude HD is so anticipated? For shame! Take a look at the video below, courtesy of Youtube user FreQuenczy.

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