Endless Space 2 Announced

Endless Space concept art

The rather brilliant 4X strategy game Endless Space is to receive a sequel, Amplitude Studios has anounced.

The reveal came after a scavenger hunt had members of Amplitude’s Games2Gether community scouring the internet for clues, culminating in an interactive announcement trailer. The trailer doesn’t give away much information about what to expect from sequel, though observant fans have found links to Amplitude’s other games: fantasy 4X title Endless Legend, and the roguelike Dungeon of the Endless.

The spaceship shown in the trailer is identical to one added to Endless Legend in an update back in March, and bears the logo of the fictional Hissho faction on its side. Dungeon of the Endless already exists in the same fictional universe as Endless Space, and now the link to Endless Legend has prompted speculation that the developer is planning on bringing that game into the same universe as well.

Amplitude has said that it will be revealing more information about the game at Gamescom next week, so we shouldn’t have too long to wait before finding out how the sequel will build upon its predecessor.

Amplitude did an excellent job with Endless Space the first time around, crafting a game with an insane amount of depth and bags of personality, while managing to prevent the interface from becoming cumbersome. The studio’s most recent release, Dungeon of the Endless, was similarly excellent – blending elements of tower defense and roguelike dungeon crawling in a tense and highly rewarding package.

Check out the announcement trailer for Endless Space 2 below.

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