New Guitar Hero could make a return this year


At this point, it’s a pretty safe bet to assume that a large majority of gamers have either played or heard of Guitar Hero. The series, which originally started on PS2 before spawning a brief obsession with plastic instruments – most of which now lie gathering dust, or are used as convenient self-defense melee weapons in the event of a burglary – was a groundbreaking phenomena for peripheral-based videogames, taking rhythm-based gameplay into the mainstream.

It’s now been over four years since we saw a new Guitar Hero game and tip-tapped those colorful keys to our favorite songs. Well, that might change according to Kotaku.

Two sources who are apparently close to the Guitar Hero franchise have confirmed that Activision is busy working on not only a new Guitar Hero game, but peripherals for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 too. The new entry will supposedly be announced at E3 and will be available for purchase sometime this year. Can you say “Holiday 2015”?

According to the sources, the new Guitar Hero will apparently take a “more realistic” approach compared to the previous entries, perhaps kind of like how Ubisoft’s Rocksmith makes use of real guitars. No developer has been revealed as of yet, but Kotaku’s sources seem to think it’s one of the West-Coast-based Activision studios (original developer Harmonix, of course, is currently working on a spruced up new sequel to the classic PS2 game Amplitude, as well as having their hands full with other properties).

The official response from Activision is the same “we do not comment on rumor and speculation” line that we’re all so used to. No comment until they decide to comment, of course. Ah, the wonderful world of PR and marketing. Don’t you just love it?

For now, you’ll just have to settle for dusting off your old plastic guitar and trying your hand at Through the Fire and Flames on max difficulty for the umpteenth time.

Oliver Zimmerman

Oliver Zimmerman

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