preserves MS-DOS games by making them free

Following on from last November, when they released classic arcade games playable for free, has again released a batch of free games – only this time it’s the turn of MS-DOS classics to get their time in the sun.

Like the arcade games in November, these games run through an in-browser emulator in order to function. Thanks to the in-browser functionality, gamers on Mac and Linux platforms will be able to experience the woes of having death come for them in The Oregon Trail.

The Oregon Trail screenshot

What is truly wonderful is that these MS-DOS games make up a large part not only of gamers’ personal histories, but also inform a lot of the humor from older gamers: from the old-school grasping hand of the Grue in Zork, to the chronic death-by-dysentery of Oregon Trail. Getting these available to an interested audience, and also in a relatively low-fuss format of a pre-built emulator on a web browser, not to mention making them available for free, means that hopefully there will be new fans of Commander Keen and Lemmings emerging from the younger generations of game enthusiasts.

Taylor Hidalgo

Taylor Hidalgo

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