Dust: An Elysian Tail Free on Xbox Live Gold, Saints Row: The Third to Follow


Starting today, Gold subscribers to Xbox Live can grab a free copy of Dean Dodrill’s indie RPG Dust: An Elysian Tail through the Xbox Live Marketplace.

It’s not a huge surprise, given that the indie sidescroller was originally published on the Xbox Live Arcade back in 2012. The game was also released for Linux and Mac OS last year, so Microsoft may be attempting to capitalize on their indie-game fanbase.

Whether or not you manage to download a copy for yourself, Dust will only be available for free until the 16th.

The second Games with Gold game for the month of May will be the popular GTA-style sandbox title Saints Row: The Third. That is interesting, as the game’s publisher, THQ, filed for bankruptcy only a year after Saints Row: The Third was released. Many of the other big titles released for free through Games with Gold have been either Xbox 360 exclusives, including Gears of War and Halo 3.

Despite this, it is intriguing that Microsoft still pushes benefits for Xbox Live subscribers on the older Xbox 360 console. Given that the Xbox One has had comparatively lower sales than the PS4, they appear to be capitalizing on their existing console owners.

For now, at least, Xbox 360 owners don’t seem to be starved for new content.

Peter Yankowski

Peter Yankowski

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