WildStar Online: The Strain Continues

Last week we covered Carbine Studios’ announcement of its first “Ultra Drop,” for WildStar Online, known as The Strain. In keeping with their time table, Carbine is releasing additional information this week, detailing what is to come in their first content update. They’re beginning with an in-depth look at the two new zones: Blighthaven and the Northern Wastes.

When The Strain was announced via a Flick on Wildstar’s YouTube Channel, we got a glimpse of desecrated wastelands, murky swamps, and infected critters. We didn’t get much information on what The Strain actually was, but today we have some new details: it is a highly virulent biological anomaly bred deep underground in an Eldan laboratory. The Strain has the ability to alter existing life forms into horribly mutated abominations, and is a clear and present threat to all life. All efforts to combat this plague have failed. Is The Strain responsible for the fall of the Eldans, and did they bring about their doom on not only themselves but the rest of life as we know it?

According to Wildstar‘s website, their first new zone, Blighthaven, is “a diseased wasteland home to the secrets of the Genesis Prime’s creation. A foul and corrupted region in the vast Grimvault hellscape, Blighthaven is dominated by bestial Strain abominations, out-of-control Eldan constructs, and a bizarre alien monstrosity called the Globellum.”

Additional areas available in Blighthaven include: the Cankertube Swamps, the Sanctuary of the Keepers, and the Genesis Chamber.

The Globellum, as its name suggests, is a disgusting giant brain creature was an unexpected resistance to The Strain virus, and has been feeding and growing in Blighthaven for centuries. Cankertube Swamp is a forest of vile corruption teeming with mutated Nexus creatures. The Sanctuary of Keepers is home to an unusually smart Pell tribe who have been protecting the Genesis Chamber in Blighthaven for centuries. Lastly, the Genesis Chamber itself is the birthplace of the most powerful creature in the universe.

The Northern Wastes is designed for max level players who “have returned to the Northern Wilds to lay claim to the frozen wasteland. But as the conflict between the bitter enemies intensifies, a new danger emerges from an ancient Elgan exo-lab, threatening heroes from both sides…”  The Northern Wastes will include public events, quests, challenges, and path missions, with new enemies to destroy and new loot to uncover.

Our early impressions of Wildstar Online were extremely positive (keep your eyes peeled for review in the next week or two), and we’re certainly excited to see how well Carbine implements their first large content release. This Thursday, June 26, additional information about the Housing Items included with The Strain will be released, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated as information is rolled out.

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