WildStar Online Is Free To Play From Tomorrow

Boom! Things are gonna get real, as Wildstar relaunches as F2P.

Wildstar Online, Carbine Studios’ sci-fi/fantasy MMO, will officially become free to play from tomorrow.

To celebrate the relaunch, the developers will be holding a special celebratory event over Twitch, with developer interviews, giveaways, “and a night full of interplanetary shenanigans”, according to the official website.

The new update, officially titled Wildstar: Reloaded, comes after a troubled period for Carbine’s debut title, which saw staff departures, content updates being pushed back, and sliding subscriber numbers. Wildstar is actually well worth a look, however.

Existing subscribers will be moved over to a new, optional premium subscription service once Wildstar: Reloaded launches overnight. The new Signature service gives bonuses to XP gain and gold rewards, but Carbine has been keen to stress that all in-game content is free, and that free players aren’t penalized in any way. Time will tell on how well-judged the balance is, as one of the criticisms of Wildstar has been directed towards its slow levelling curve.

Created by a number of developers who previously used to work for Blizzard on World of Warcraft, Wildstar is instantly familiar to anyone who’s played a modern MMO, but brought plenty of its own personality and ideas to the table. Taking place in a sci-fi universe heavily influenced by classic Western movies, combat is more action-oriented than WoW, with a heavy focus on positioning and combos. The Path system also allows players to specialize in a certain playstyle, focusing on on exploration, platforming or combat.

We rather enjoyed Wildstar when we reviewed it shortly after launch, though it’s fair to say we were a bit optimistic about it’s chances of mainstream success. “WildStar is quite possibly one of the most polished, playable and enjoyable MMOs we have ever played, and so it comes highly recommended,” we wrote in our Wildstar Online review.

You can view the teaser for Wildstar‘s transition to Free to Play below.

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