Wildstar is finally released


Carbine Studios has finally released their first game, Wildstar –  the long-awaited sci-fi MMO.

Announced back in 2011, Wildstar is set on Nexus, where an ancient, mysterious and powerful race, the Eldan, have left behind a wealth of technology. Players must fight to control this hyper-advanced technology as one of two factions: the Dominion or the Exiles; no points for guessing which one is the ‘evil’ faction.

With thousands of fans expected to start playing tonight, Carbine Studios is ready and waiting. The game will be streamed live from May 31st to June 2nd on the Wildstar Twitch channel, if you want to take a look before you buy. The streams will also include “sweet giveaways [and] gear from Nvidia and Logitech.” A full schedule is available on the WildStar forums.

You can view the trailer here, though if you are already sold on Wildstar, you can still pre-order the game before its midnight release.

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