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If you’re still waiting for Dong Nguyen’s Flappy Bird to make a triumphant return to the App Store, you might do well to take a look at this trailer for Rovio’s Retry. The game features many of the same obstacle-based side-scrolling mechanics as Nguyen’s overnight hit. Retry was developed by “The guys sitting in the room next to the guys who made Angry Birds,” as Rovio tells it.

There are a couple of key differences apparent in the trailer that set Retry apart from Flappy bird, however.

First, Retry looks to have much more intricate mechanics and environments than Flappy Bird. Your little red biplane is capable of loops and swooping up and down. The art direction also looks somewhat more inspired (to be fair, the Rovio team clearly had more resources to work with than Nguyen). The environments are bright and highly detailed for 8-bit graphics. They also look incredibly challenging.

The most important gameplay feature though is right in the title. If you crash into the terrain, you’ll be allowed an instant-replay, which should curb some of the white-knuckle frustration players experienced with Flappy Bird.

We look forward to playing it for ourselves. The game has already seen an early launch in Finland, Poland, and Canada. The worldwide release is still TBA.

Peter Yankowski

Peter Yankowski

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