Team17 to Combine The Escapists with The Walking Dead

Team17 to Combine The Escapists with The Walking Dead

Team17 has revealed that they will be teaming up with Skybound Entertainment to develop The Escapists The Walking Dead, blending together the 8-bit artstyle of prison escape sim The Escapists with the storytelling nous and setting of The Walking Dead.

The Escapists The Walking Dead, while awkwardly named, sounds like it could be an entertaining idea: A game that tells the story of The Walking Dead in a way that “faithfully matches the timeline of the comics,” all done in The Escapists’ simple-but-enjoyable 8-bit artstyle.

Taking control of The Walking Dead hero Rick Grimes, you’ll need to ensure the safety of major characters from the comics, fending off attacks from zombies as you travel through a series of familiar locations taken from the official Walking Dead timeline.

“Team17 presented a creative plan to blend The Walking Dead into The Escapists and our response was simple. When do we get started?”, said Daniel Murray, President at Skybound Entertainment. “The Escapists is a charming example of a single creator’s vision come to life. We are excited to offer fans of The Walking Dead something different and The Escapists The Walking Dead is just that. A playful interpretation that we believe fans of great games in general will love.”

The playable debut of The Escapists The Walking Dead will be at the Walker Stalker Fan Fest in Petco Park, San Diego, California on July 10th/ 11th.

The Escapists The Walking Dead is scheduled for a 2015 release on Xbox One and PC.


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