Flappy Bird making a comeback


If you thought the madness was over, think again: Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen has stated he plans to bring the game back to the App Store.

On twitter, one fan asked him if he was ever going to bring the game back. The response? “Yes. But not soon.”

Nguyen previously took the game down from sale last month, claiming that its success had made his life a misery. Later, he clarified his comments, stating that he had removed the game from the App Store because it was “too addictive”.

Flappy Bird is a notoriously difficult – and yes, notoriously addictive – game that requires players to repeatedly tap the screen in order to keep a bird airborn. Along the way, they need to navigate through narrow gaps between green pipes, which look suspiciously like the ones in Super Mario Bros. Despite the developer’s explanation, rumors continue to circulate that the game was in fact removed following a cease-and-desist order from Nintendo.

There’s no date set for its return just yet – Nguyen has stated that he will “release it when it is done”.

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