Gravity Rush 2 Trailer Revealed, PS4 Exclusive

Gravity Rush 2 pulls back the curtain in a new trailer, and Sony announces the original is coming to PS4.

Gravity Rush 2 has been announced as a PS4 exclusive by Sony.

The news came during Sony’s pre-Tokyo Game Show media briefing this morning. Developer Project Siren returns for the sequel, which looks as though it’s not going to mess too much with the formula that made the PS Vita original so loved upon its debut back in 2012.

There’s no firm release date, though Sony has said we should expect Gravity Rush 2 some time next year. To tide over fans – and for those who never picked up Sony’s current handheld – Sony is also releasing a remastered port of the Vita original for PS4, with updated visuals and all of the DLC included. Gravity Rush Remastered will be released in February 2016.

Sony showed a trailer for Gravity Rush 2 during its conference and it’s fair to say it looks absolutely gorgeous. The art style of the original looks stunning in full HD, while the levels look far more expansive. You can watch it below.

Oliver Zimmerman reviewed the first Gravity Rush for Continue Play and was left dizzy from the amount of enjoyment to be found, awarding Project Siren’s game a handsome score of 8/10.

Gravity Rush is a thoroughly enjoyable experience over its 10 or so hours,” Oli wrote in his Gravity Rush review. “One or two of its touch and motion control features feel gimmicky and forced, and its combat can be frustrating at times; however, this can easily be overlooked when you experience the beautifully crafted world and surprisingly pleasant plot.”

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