Gravity Crash Ultra Coming To PS Vita


Just Add Water, LTD is bringing their 2009 PlayStation 3 retro gravity shooter, Gravity Crash, to the PlayStation Vita as a digital-only title named Gravity Crash Ultra

Gravity Crash Ultra is touted as having undergone a complete graphical face-lift and engine overhaul. The GUI has been tailored for the Vita’s touchscreen, and new textures, lighting, and particles ensure a crisper and more vibrant experience.

The level editor will now have a touch interface, and levels can be shared with the PlayStation 3’s Gravity Crash thanks to an update to the original game.

A list of all the changes and addition in Gravity Crash Ultra:

• 60 FPS, native resolution gameplay
• New improved graphics renderer
• Particles “turned up to 11”, meaning bigger guns, bigger explosions
• Improved weapons VFX
• Improved landscape and lighting effects
• Better visual effects
• Improved radar
• New logo to reflect the new title
• New GUI graphics
• New “anti-grav” space ship
• Three ships used to give difficulty levels
• Mission notification system improved
• Better audio throughout the game
• Remixed soundtrack by CoLDSToRAGE
• New pickup voice-over
• Create & share levels with the PS3 version

Gravity Crash Ultra will be available for download in the PlayStation Network store in July of this year. In the meantime, check out the latest trailer below.

Tim Hitpas

Tim Hitpas

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