Pokkén Tournament Coming To WiiU

Charizard instantly regretted that he had let his friends dare him into eating a Madras made with Ghost Peppers

Pokkén Tournament is now set to grace Wii U in Spring 2016.

The game had previously only been confirmed for arcades, but it seems that Nintendo has decided to bolster its relatively thin lineup of exclusives for its ailing home console.

Pokkén Tournament is the latest entry to the legendary Pokémon series, but doesn’t follow the classic Pokémon format we’ve come to expect. Developed in collaboration with Bandai Namco, producers of the famous Tekken fighting games, Pokkén Tournament “brings Pokémon to life in a way never before seen, where Pokémon in battle move in direct response to the player’s actions.”

Pokkén Tournament combines the best elements of a traditional fighting game with an authentic Pokémon experience,” said J.C. Smith, director of Consumer Marketing at The Pokémon Company International. “Fans will be thrilled to see their favourite Pokémon battle in a whole new way.”

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be the best at fighting games, Smith explained that Pokkén Tournament is a game to be enjoyed by all, regardless of how good or bad you are. “The intuitive controls make this fighting game accessible to players of all skill levels, and the stunning visuals emphasise the size and power of each Pokémon.”

Currently the only way to play Pokkén Tournament for Western Pokémon fans is to hop on a plane to Japan and visit one of the famous gaming arcades. Thankfully, a cheaper way to experience Pokkén Tournament is now coming, when it arrives on WiiU worldwide, Spring 2016.

Check out the latest trailer below.

Kerry Bishop

Kerry Bishop

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