World of Tanks Gets an Update


World War II buffs take note— has released a massive update (version 9.0) to their free-to-play MMO World of Tanks.

The update features a commencement of a phase-in of updated textures and animations that the developer says will continue over the course of the year. Judging by the gameplay footage in the trailer, the lighting and visual effects look gorgeous, though the textures on the newer models featured in the update do make the older textures stand out.

Oh, and did we mention that tank turrets will now fly up in the air if you hit your target’s ammunition rack? That’s a pretty big plus in our book.

More importantly, the update brings a host of new content for players to wage war with. Three new tanks (The Sherman, T-54, and Tiger I) have been added, out of a planned ten planned to be phased in with future updates, along with maps based on Operation Spring Awakening, the Ardennes Breakthrough, and the largest tank battle in history—Kursk.

Check out the trailer below.

Peter Yankowski

Peter Yankowski

Peter Yankowski is a freelance writer and blogger. When he's not getting blasted out of the digital skies by Messerchmitts, or cutting work to carve a twisty New England road, Peter writes about gaming news, history in games, and military geekitude.
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