Fans Remake P.T. In Unity Engine

Argh! Fans remake P.T. in Unity Engine

Did you enjoy the creepy experience that was P.T., the no-longer-playable teaser for now-cancelled Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro collaboration Silent Hills? Well, developer Farhan Qureshi has made a remake called Unity – created, appropriately enough, in the Unity Engine.

The current build of the remake is short, but impressive in its own right. There are certain points of Unity that look exactly like P.T. Unity has received a lot of attention due to the fact that the original was taken off the PlayStation store after Silent Hills was cancelled. This caused many gamers upset as P.T. just by itself was a game that we really enjoyed and brought us back to the traditional survival horror experience.

Unity was created because Farhan Qureshi is preparing for a 3D workshop he is teaching in September this year. He found the P.T. hallway the perfect hallway for what he wanted to achieve and teach. Below is the explanation for the project on his blog.

“Originally I wanted to create an apartment scene for its simplicity, variety, and familiarity, but I wanted something more game-focused as the workshop is being targeted at the Calgary Game Developers,” Qureshi explained. “I ended up choosing the P.T. hallway as it’s an interior scene fairly close to an apartment, and the simplicity, variety, and familiarity still exist.

“Plus it’s no longer available to download, but I can make it live in some fashion by doing this.”

“At first it wasn’t my intention to add actual gameplay from P.T. I started with simply a hallway to walk through allowing players to look at all the models, as that’s all I needed for the workshop. But the hallway felt too quiet to walk through, so I thought of adding some sound as well. And so the obsession began, since as soon as I added sound I figured it would be easy to add a flashlight and zoom feature. And a quick door-banging animation. And hey, I bet it wouldn’t be so hard to model some cockroaches…. So the project quickly morphed from showing off a 3D modelling scene into a mini game experience.”

You can view the full journey to Unity here and download the game for free.

Our own bearded behemoth, Kyle Barrows, subjected himself to P.T. earlier this year. You can watch him squealing like a little girl in the video below.

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