Heroes & Generals’ Patton update adds more toys to play with


Reto-Moto has just released their latest update for their MMO Heroes and Generals.

The latest patch has been titled the “Patton” update, and in the true spirit of old Blood and Guts himself, 9 new tanks have been released – including the King Tiger, the classic M4A1 Sherman (the second Sherman variant included in the game, the first being the altogether more modern M4A3E8, the Easy Eight) and Hetzer. It isn’t all just medium and heavy armor, however: a few more eclectic additions have joined the expanding ranks of Heroes and Generals‘ tanks. These include the Panzer IIC and the rather curious twin turreted M2A2. As well as this, a rather interesting ammo crate feature has been added, that when equipped to your tank allows you to resupply infantry around you.

As well as the new tanks, there has been the altogether interesting release of a nice selection of Red Army small arms (and mines!) which maybe equipped by both sides, including the infamous PPSH-41 and the DP-28 Light Machine Gun. Whilst these might appear to be some strange bending of history, the PPSH-41 was incredibly popular amongst German units for its high rate of fire, vastly superior to its German counterpart the MP-40. The Wehrmacht even began supplying bullets specifically for the PPSH-41.

The addition of Red Army hardware raises an interesting question: will Heroes and Generals be adding the Soviets to the game anytime soon? The hardware is now (rather suddenly) there after all. It’s only speculation for now, but as we have a huge interest in World War II’s Eastern Front, it will be very interesting to see where Reto-Moto is heading with these new additions.

Reto-Moto has stated that yet more toys for Heroes and Generals fans will be arriving in the next few weeks. So far, only tank camouflage and new tank resupply crates have been confirmed, but there’s plenty more to come.

For pretty pictures and extremely impressive pronunciations of all the weapons mentioned above (your Russian pronunciation sounds great Reto-Moto!) check out the video below.

Noah Ellis

Noah Ellis

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