Street Fighter V’s Beta Seems To Be Working Again

Street Fighter V beta may be back online

Street Fighter V‘s Beta appears to be partially back online – though there’s no telling how long this will last.

Things weren’t looking good for the SFV Beta last month, as it had to be taken down indefinitely due to major technical issues. However, there have been various NeoGaf members reporting that they have been able to get online since Capcom took the trial down, raising hopes that the first of the game’s three public betas is nearly ready to be officially reinstated.

Though Capcom hasn’t made any official announcements of the beta coming back online, they released a statement to Gamespot that says the following: “We are currently running an internal stress test on the SFV servers, which will help us get the first official public beta program re-launched as quickly as possible. We appreciate your continued patience and we’ll share more information on the timing of the official beta tests soon.”

Street Fighter V may be back online

This statement is identical to the message that appears when beta users attempt to connect online. If it’s true that Capcom is running an internal stress test, then it’s unclear why anyone outside of Capcom or Sony would be able to login at this time.

SFV was originally going to have three beta tests prior to its launch on PS4 and PC next March. The first was to take place last month, however since it was taken down it Capcom has assured fans that it won’t be counted as one of the three tests. Since then, the beta has received a large 1.2 GB update, which could indicate that Capcom is going to bring the beta fully back online sometime in the near future.

While you wait for the beta’s (hopefully inevitable) return, why not watch the latest SFV character reveal trailer featuring Vega?

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