New trailer reveals Charlie is on the roster for Street Fighter V

Capcom have officially revealed the presence of Charlie Nash in the upcoming Street Fighter V.

Although the news has been an open secret for a while now – ever since a teaser trailer back in a video at last year’s Capcom Cup – the soldier, who hasn’t appeared in a Street Fighter game since Street Fighter Alpha 3 back in 1998 – has been given an official gameplay reveal trailer (along with a batch of screenshots).

The new trailer showcases some of the new gameplay aspects of Street Fighter V, with Ryu and Chun-Li joining Charlie for a few rounds, showcasing some of his abilities for the upcoming game. It appears that he now has a similar move-set to M. Bison – whose appearance was teased at the end of the video – with the ability to teleport, and his wind-like ki now appearing to have a dark, Psycho Power-like hue within certain attacks. He also appears to be using some of Shadow’s moves – his Shadaloo-brainwashed alter ego – which could suggest that Charlie will be appearing not quite as we know him. And he’s rocking a new Frankenstein-esque appearance. Those stitches must be a bit itchy.

Capcom has also revealed that North American players who pre-order the game will automatically be enrolled in the online beta for Street Fighter V, which they have stated will be “the largest and most ambitious online beta program in franchise history”. Thanks Capcom! Oh wait, I’m British. Oh well, I guess it’s nice if you’re an American…

The trailer comes in the same month as the news that Capcom are looking to the community for more suggestions as to which characters in the roster. As of now, the only confirmed characters are Ryu, Chun Li and Charlie are the only confirmed playable characters, and the addition of the teaser for M. Bison brings the current characters roster to four. Street Fighter IV – released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 back in 2009 – had a roster of twenty-five different characters at launch, which suggests there’s still plenty of announcements to come in the lead-up to the game’s release sometime later this year.

Street Fighter V will only be available for PC and PlayStation 4, with Sony saying that the game will never appear on Xbox One. Xbox owners will probably have to wait for the inevitable turbo/ ultra/ hyper versions, then…

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