Ken Confirmed for Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V Ken Masters Promo Art

Capcom has announced that Ken Masters is confirmed as a playable fighter in the upcoming PS4 and PC fighting game sequel, Street Fighter V. As if there was ever any doubt.

Ken is the seventh fighter to be confirmed so far. The others are Charlie Nash, Ryu, Chun-Li,  M. Bison, Cammy and Birdie. You can watch Ken in action in a new gameplay trailer below, along with a fresh batch of official screenshots.

Street Fighter V is, of course, a console exclusive for PS4 – an announcement which surprised many when Capcom broke the news at E3 last year. The game, which is being developed using Epic’s Unreal Engine 4, will feature cross-platform play, enabling console and PC players to finally settle their disagreements the old-fashioned way: with a Shoryuken.

Street Fighter V is expected to be released on PS4 and PC spring 2016.

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