Vega Confirmed For Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V Vega announcement screenshot

Bemasked and beclawed Spanish matador Vega has been confirmed as playable in Capcom’s upcoming PC and PS4 fighter Street Fighter V, making him the 8th character to be confirmed for the roster.

In Street Fighter V, Vega will have two different fighting styles – “claw” and “no-claw”. Whilst the series stalwart is best known for his mask and Wolverine-esque blades, in Street Fighter V his no-claw variant will emphasise the use of command grabs. You can see him in action in the video and screenshots below, facing off against series newcomer Necalli, who was unveiled last month.

Street Fighter V is currently slated for release on PC and PS4 in Spring of next year, though the game has recently suffered a setback after the recent PS4 beta was withdrawn by the publisher due to online connectivity issues.

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