Street Fighter 5 could be coming to PS4 and PC next Spring

New Street Fighter V footage shown off, Capcom looking to the community for roster suggestions

Capcom may have given us a rough idea of when we can expect to see Street Fighter V.

through a blog post. The blog post was supposed to be about the Capcom merchandise on offer at last week’s PAX East, but it also contained a sentence that immediately got seized upon by fans: “Everyone is fired up for Street Fighter V coming to the PS4 and PC next spring.”

The blog post has since been edited to remove the words “next spring”.

Gamespot reached out to the publisher asking for a comment on the post. A spokesperson for Capcom replied, saying that: “The date that was listed on Capcom Unity was just a tentative release time and no official announcements have been made regarding the release of Street Fighter V.

So, Spring 2016 may not be the official release date for Street Fighter V, but it does appear to be the release date that’s being targeted. Until this point, Capcom hadn’t offered any timeframe in regards to Street Fighter V’s release, although both Amazon and Best Buy had it listed for March 31st, 2016. March 31st, 2016 is a Thursday, which makes it an unlikely candidate for a final date – games in America are usually released on a Tuesday, while Friday is the usual release day in the UK and parts of Europe.

Street Fighter V was first announced last December, and will be exclusively for PC and PS4. An Xbox release has been ruled out, though that doesn’t necessarily prevent the (somewhat inevitable) updated versions of the popular fighter coming to Microsoft’s big black box.

In other Street Fighter news, Capcom also announced that it plans on running a public beta test. The company claims that it will be the “largest and most ambitious online beta program in franchise history”. Much like the final retail release, a date for when this public beta test will begin hasn’t been shared; what we do know is that if you want access to it, you’re going to have to preorder the game.

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