Final Fantasy XV Promised For 2016

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Final Fantasy XV will be released in 2016, the game’s director, Hajime Tabata, has stated.

Fans were disappointed after Square Enix’s Active Time Report Livestream failed to throw up further information about just when Final Fantasy XV – which has been in development now for over ten years – will finally see the light of day.

“We looked at the reactions to yesterday’s ATR, and we understand that people expected a big information update at Gamescom, and we do understand that we really disappointed people, and we’re really regretful about that,” Tabata told UK gaming site Eurogamer. “There was a big gap between our perceptions of what people should be doing and what people expected. And we realized that very quickly after the reaction!”

“We really wanted to say something else, so we’ve got something we’d like to say – you won’t be waiting until 2017. We want to get that across. We want to reassure people that we are going to get it out.”

Tabata insisted that 2016 has been the desired goal for release ever since the development team made the decision to take the progress made on Final Fantasy Versus 13 and use it as the basis of the next core title in the series. “We set our objective when we switched over the development from Versus 13, and it’s not moved a great deal since then – it’s pretty much where it was,” he explained.

As for just why Final Fantasy XV is taking so long to finish, the director gave assurances that development is running according to plan: “”Development’s going well since I’ve taken over as director. It’s all on schedule!”

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