Final Fantasy: Type-0 HD Has Shipped Over A Million Copies

Final Fantasy Type 0 Sells A Million Units

Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy Type-0 HD has shipped more than a million copies since its release last month. That’s shipped to retailers, not necessarily sold to consumers – they’re two slightly different things.

A part of the game’s success may have come from the exclusive Final Fantasy XV demo that was included with limited edition”day one” units, which no doubt led to some rabid fans rushing out to get a sneak peak at the new mainline entry in the series.

Square Enix also announced that it will be having a special version of its Active Time Report, featuring Final Fantasy Type-0 HDFinal Fantasy XV – Episode Duscae director Hajime Tabata. Anyone who played Episode Duscae is free to take a feedback survey, and Tabata will be going through some of the responses submitted during the Active Time Report. It will be broadcast live on April 28th.

Dale Morgan reviewed Final Fantasy Type-0 HD for Continue Play, scoring it 8/10 and praising Square’s bravery for doing something different with the long-running franchise, but criticising the shoddy presentation. “As a statement of its intent to do something a bit different, killing off one of Final Fantasy‘s most revered icons in the opening scenes is about as bold a gesture as Square Enix could make,” he wrote in his Final Fantasy: Type 0 HD Review.

In Type 0 HD, you control a group of elite soldiers called Class Zero, each taking their name from a playing card. It’s Class Zero’s mission to end the invasion by hostile neighbor the Millitesi Empire. Despite being soldiers, as their name suggests they are also students, training at the Vermillion Peristylium. Downtime between missions are spent wandering the academy where the students are taught, getting to know the various characters or heading out to participate in some sidequests and level up in preparation for the next chapter in the story. “Think of [the Vermillion Peristylium] as a bit like Hogwarts from the Harry Potter series – only a version of Hogwarts where Hermione carries a giant mace, Ron wields dual handguns, and Harry throws exploding playing cards at people. And with Moogles delivering your mail instead of owls,” Dale helpfully explained.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If you hurry, you still might be able to grab a Day One edition with the Episode Duscae demo. Meanwhile, the player feedback survey is still open to all players who register their game through Square Enix Members, so there’s still time to make yourself heard about Final Fantasy XV‘s development.

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