New Witcher 3 Patch Comes With Set Of Issues

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The recent Patch 1.07 for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – meant to add some fixes to the game and streamline the playing process for players in general – has caused some unexpected issues for Xbox One and Playstation 4 gamers.

The new patch features mostly handy fixes, such as an alternate movement type for Geralt, a separate inventory tab for books and a number of stashes strewn about the world in which to place your loot. The official change log is pretty exhaustive, stretching to a good couple of thousands words of text.

Beyond the bug fixes and gameplay additions, developer CD Projekt RED had claimed that patch 1.07 would improve the game’s performance on consoles and PC. Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to be the case; in fact, Eurogamer’s technical experts, Digital Foundry, have reported that performance is actually worse as a result of the patch, with Xbox One gamers bearing the brunt of the punishment.

 The frame-rate in a few areas seems to have been negatively impacted in a few areas for console players and PC gamers have even reported broken achievements. A lengthy thread on Reddit lists a number of issues and new bugs introduced by the patch, including frame rate issues on PC which can apparently be rectified by switching off V-Sync via the game’s Graphics Options menu.

The patch is the largest the game has received thus far at a staggering 7.3gb – almost the size of the previous game in the series, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings – so it’s no wonder some things have flown under the radar.

Despite these issues players are looking forward to The Witcher 3’s expansions. The first of these, Hearts of Stone, is currently planned for release in October this year. The follow-up, Blood and Wine, is scheduled for early 2016. CD Projekt has said that between them the expansions will add around 25-30 hours of additional gameplay, almost equalling the size of The Witcher 2.

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