Star Wars: Battlefront Won’t Include Classes

Star Wars: Battlefront Won't Include Classes

Star Wars: Battlefront will have no classes or squads, Dice has announced.

Five-player squads and player classes are a staple of Dice’s Battlefield series and also featured in the two previous Battlefront games. However, Dice wishes to move away from this template, confirming to OXM (via GamesRadar) that players will be able to “freely” pick their weapons and equipment. This essentially means that there’ll be no pre-made classes, everything will be unlocked through experience point progression.

The move away from squad-based combat has also been detailed. Players will instead fight with a partner, who they can see on their heads-up display and spawn on. The most interesting aspect of this partner system though, is that partners will share unlocks. This means that if you’re playing with someone who’s a much higher level than you, you’ll have access to all their equipment.

Star Wars: Battlefront won’t actually include any sort of campaign. Instead, it will feature “crafted missions” that can be played solo, offline via splitscreen or cooperatively online. There’ll also be 12 maps on launch.

The maximum player count will be 40, which is more than previous Battlefront titles allowed on consoles, but less than on PC (which could have up to 64 players).

Star Wars: Battlefront will maintain the feature from previous titles that allows players to switch between third and first-person. Dice also confirmed earlier this month that, unlike Battlefield, the game won’t feature aiming down the sights.

Take a gander at the trailer below, which I’m sure you’ve seen thousands of times, but it can always be watched once more.



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