E3 2014: EA Shows More Star Wars: Battlefront


At today’s E3 press conference, EA kicked off their lineup with one of their  self-described “most ambitious” games; Star Wars: Battlefront.

A short video showed members of Swedish game studio DICE being taken through Lucas Film to get an up close look at the original models used in the making of the original film. The studio has also gone to the original locations used for filming some of the films most iconic settings. The intention behind this is that DICE wants to truly capture the true feeling of being on Hoth or Endor. This transitioned into a small glimpse at early in-game footage which looked stunning in its realism.

Star Wars: Battlefront remains  the best selling Star Wars videogame franchise to date and was one of the most the anticipated title for this years E3.

Traditionally a 3rd and 1st person shooter/action game we have yet to see any actual game play but can anticipate the large scale Star Wars land and space battles that the franchise is known for in full force from DICE.

Star Wars: Battlefront was announced last year at EA’s 2013 E3 press conference shortly after news that EA would be receiving the Star Wars video game license after the closure of LucasArts Games.  We have yet to receive any further information in regards to release date.

Julian Meush

Julian Meush

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