Zombie Survival DLC Heads To Goat Simulator

The guys at Coffee Stain Studios are at it again.

First they took a dig at World of Warcraft with their MMO DLC, then they tried to get their Goat Simulator Courier into DOTA 2 and now they’re taking a jab at open world zombie survival games such as DayZ with their latest DLC titled GoatZ. 

The DLC will apparently have “as many bugs as all other survival games”, according to the developers who also said it would feature a “completely realistic survival mode where you have to eat every damn five minutes to survive because Dean Hall and Garry Newman said so.”

The DLC is set to drop on May 7 for $5 on PC, Mac, and Linux and will feature a crafting system, a pretty big map and zombies (obviously). Take a look at the trailer below:

Oliver Zimmerman

Oliver Zimmerman

South-African raised, Dublin-resident. Oli loves games in all their shapes and forms. He particularly loves RPGs. He's also a keen wordsmith, and can often be found not just playing games, but also discussing their rights and wrongs.
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