Wildstar Designer Details New Star-Comm Basin Zone

Wildstar Designer Details New Zone

The folks behind WildStar, Carbine Studios – the Senior Game Designer Scott Hafner, in particular, were nice enough to reveal a few exciting features and details revolving around WildStar’s new zone: Star-Comm Basin.

First off, we should probably explain what’s going down at the Star-Comm Basin. A band of Grimvoid Marauders combined with a few Purewater Ikthians and some Strain have claimed the land at Star-Comm Basin as their own and it’s up to you to help liberate it – it doesn’t look like this is going to be an easy task either with Hafner claiming that these are “some of the nastiest characters in the galaxy”.

You and your friends will take on elder-game quests and public events that rotate each new day of the week. No matter when you log on, there’ll be something for you to do with one of the three aforementioned groups claiming the central area of Star-Comm each day.

Players can also expect to get some new gear and nifty loot through the great number of rewards the Star-Comm Basin features. This might just be the perfect place for you to get all the shiny high-end gear you’ve wanted. Either way, whether it’s armor, weapons, house decor or even pets, Carbine Studios claims that they’ll be made available to you in this new zone if you spend some quality time in it – be it through quests or the reputation vendor.

Lastly, the Star-Comm Basin is a contested end-game area meaning plenty of potential PvP encounters. What do you think? This new zone seems to have a fair bit of content for players seeking to prolong their time with WildStar. Will we be seeing you help liberate the Star-Comm Basin?

Dale and Heather reviewed WildStar when it first came out last year and gave it a pretty respectable 9/10 saying that, “WildStar is as polished as anything you’d expect to come from a studio spawned from the house that Warcraft built and introduces a lot of innovations to the genre – but that praise comes with some minor (and addressable) caveats.”

Since then, the game has been met with difficulties. Promised regular content arrived late as the developer focused on fixing a raft of bugs, while Carbine was hit by layoffs. Still, the game has a dedicated fanbase and it’s heartening to see the developer continuing to add more and more content to the game, so hopefully there’s still plenty of time to turn things around. One thing which might help is the rumored switch to a free-to-play business model – Australian retailers have reported that NC Soft has been quietly removing stock from store shelves.

There’s some new screenshots of Star-Comm Basin below. Look at all that turquoise!

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