Gears Of War Cinematics Director Leaves Epic, Joins Black Tusk

Gears of War Cinematic Director Leaves Epic

Gregg. G. Mitchell, the man behind the cinematics in Xbox exclusive series Gears of War, has left former employer Epic Games to join Black Tusk.

Mitchell announced the news via Twitter last night:

We already knew that future games in the newly first-party Gears of War series would be developed by Black Tusk. Microsoft founded Black Tusk back in 2012 to work on future Xbox exclusives, but with the platform holder’s acquisition of the rights to Gears of War from former developer Epic in 2013, is wasn’t long before it had announced that Black Tusk had been put to work on developing a new game in the franchise.

Gears of War is one of Microsoft’s most popular Xbox-exclusive series’ (not counting the Windows version of the first game, of course), and so it the deal made with Epic didn’t come as too much of a surprise; but with Mitchell having now joined Black Tusk, it appears that the publisher is looking to ensure that the new game provides an authentic Gears feel, right down to the cinematics. Mitchell’s role at the studio hasn’t been confirmed by the director, but it seems and almost certain bet that he’ll be resuming his former duties.

Another former Epic employee and Gear of War veteran now working for Black Tusk is Rod Fergusson, who joined the new studio after parting ways with publishers 2k Games shortly after Microsoft announced it had acquired the Gears of War rights.

With the new Gears of War game having been in development since 2013, it seems almost certain that we’re due for an official unveiling of what Black Tusk is working on when E3 rolls around this coming June. Microsoft exec Phil Spencer has previously said that the Xbox holder will make a series of big game announcements this year, following a couple of languid years which saw the Xbox E3 presentation focusing heavily on the multimedia capabilities of its latest console.

Other games likely to be shown off in more detail at this year’s event are Crackdown, Fable Legends, the new Forza Motorsport, Quantum Break and timed exclusive Rise of the Tomb Raider. We’re also likely to hear something about future plans for Killer Instinct, and we already know that Microsoft is planning to unveil a new IP at the event. And then there’s a little something called Halo 5 Guardians. Apparently that’s a thing.

Other possibilities that could make an appearance include new games from Rare, and the Xbox One version of Elite: Dangerous from David Braben’s studio Frontier Developments. And with Windows 10 on the horizon, we’re almost certain to hear more about Microsoft plans for PC gaming, and how Windows 10 will shape the future of Xbox.

In case you need reminding of just how impressive Mitchell’s work on Gears of War was, here’s the famous “Mad World” commercial for the first game in the series.

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