Microsoft Swings The Banhammer At Testers After Gears Of War Remaster Leak

Xbox Live Users banned after leaking Gears of War remaster footage online

Microsoft has taken action against Xbox One users who had leaked footage from the upcoming Gears of War Ultimate Edition.

After the news of the leaked Gears of War Remaster footage yesterday, members of video game testing company VMC Games are apparently responsible. Those who were participating in the confidential project were under a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement to not share this information with anyone. As a result of this breach, the members responsible have since had their Live accounts (and any other suspect Live accounts) permanently disabled – along with all other online features temporarily disabled.

In one reported case from VMCs statement, one community member had apparently shared a screenshot through Snapchat with one of their friends. As a result, these two have since been removed from the community and are being addressed by VMCs legal department. Until Microsoft is able to determine the severity of everyones offense(s), it would appear that only their Xbox Ones are victims in this whole fiasco.

Until recently rumors were the only thing to be had when it came to the remake’s existence, but it’s now one of the worst-kept secrets of the year. With Gears of War Ultimate Edition also spotted on the Brazilian ratings board list, I guess the only thing we can ask now is for some employee to leak more project info via their LinkedIn account. Or wait for the inevitable reveal when it’s officially announced at E3.

Remember to act surprised – you don’t want to hurt Microsoft’s feelings.


Jason English

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